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The TCK Krew Podcast:Episode 7.0

July 27th, 2011

Welcome back to The TCK Krew Podcast with Nasty Vaz and The God Bzar. Peace and blessings to man, woman, child as well as all celestial beings. Join us as we battle tricknology and attempt to free minds from any musical shackles. The uncivilized will become civilized. Overstand?

But I digress..

On this episode we enlisted the expertise of our TCK brother Dj Mondee who took it upon himself to edu-ma-cate the urban youth, like it or not.

So take a second to chill out, open your third eye and put on your thinking cap, because we're dropping heavy mental and we're going spelunking through your cavernous soul.

Let's talk about what you believe in..

Peace GOD.