The TCK Krew Podcast.

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The TCK Krew Podcast: Episode 8.0

August 30th, 2011

The mad lads are back once again, its the indelible TCK Krew Podcast with your host the G.O.D Bzar and the man on the decks, DJ Nasty Vaz. This show features a diggers delight of rare drum breaks and grooves. We also have a special recorded tribute to a legend who recently returned to the essence. Take the time to shout out your loved ones and friends while they are here.

Happy birthday yells this month go to our brother Smirk 2dx TCK, the sneaker king $crilla Scram TCK 5MH, Wryos, JDM, Naomi, Nevroc, Wise and Gaston, Saesbrand, Naim, Disco Wiz, Ced Gee, Ken Swift, Richie Rockhands TCK, JBee aka Verse, Vance, and Big Keo.