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The TCK Krew Podcast: 6.0

June 21st, 2011


Respect to the B-Boy!

Whats up folks? By now you know the drill. Nasty Vaz has returned, with wax to burn and The God Bzar is on the boards to bring you an enticing, exciting and energetic installment of your favorite podcast show. So when you listen to this, we'll need you to channel your inner James Brown and get down to the funky sounds. One breaker, One move! (on second thought, make as many moves as you want. Just don't fake moves).

Since we're products of our environment, breaking and the music surrounding the dance form has been very influential in our lives and was also the basis of many great Rap records. Digging deeper than most, Nasty Vaz plays some classic Hip Hop music that you can practice your footwork to then follows up with the TCK B-Boy Extravaganza.

Enjoy Bboys and BGirls.